Vehicules in Grandmenil 2019

This year, we will have the presence of many armored vehicles and some remarkable vehicles and machines … not to mention the GMC and Dodge trucks, Jeeps and motorcycles etc …

Manhay 2019
Well, a list with vehicules, that will be present in the december event in Grandmenil is published ! BUCKLE UP!
2 sherman fireflies,
2 sherman M4’s,
a sherman M7 Priest,
1 M10 tank destroyer,
1 chaffee,
3 M8’s light tanks,
1 Panzer 1,
1 Panzer III, 1 Stug,
2 Sdfk’s,
4 weasels and
4 half tracks!
Besides that (at least) 350 reenactors will be present for the shows.
You really dont want to miss this!