Rally Manhay 2018

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Again the 2018 commemorations of the battle of the Bulge event, organised by Ardennes History Remember, was  a great success ! Nearly 140 vintage vehicles gathered in Manhay for the 3rd event. And over 250 reenactors, dressed up as soldiers from that timeperiode, joined in for this commemoration. After spending the night in their freshly dug foxholes in the meadows around the MHM44 Museum, they were again present to re-enact shows throughout the weekend. The first show was a little messy but was improved in the evening : a high quality show was given. It must be said that this year the weather on Saturday was cold and dry. The next day, the snow was invited and this gave a completely different decoration to the scenery. During the Sunday show, some visitors told us later that they were flabbergasted by the re-actment … Actors have told us that it was one of the most beautiful reenactments in which they could participate. They were thanked for it by the many applause of the public. Between shows, circuits in the forest and on country roads had been aid out for military vehicles.
It can be said that again this year the organizers have made a large step forward in organising the event.   A small American reconnaissance plane “Piper Cub” of 1944 flew over the area and the artillery guns re-echoed in Manhay and Grandmenil to never forget this sad dark period that our parents and grandparents experienced. It is a duty of memory that we must transmit to our children! During the week-end, over 4,500 visitors were counted. They had come from all over Europe. We met Swedes, Spaniards, Slavic countries and neighboring countries. We had the presence of a Swiss crew, which came with their German amphibious vehicle of the time. Several American veterans and their families came back for the occasion, and were welcomed the members of the communal council and the participants in the meals on Friday.

And this year 2019, we will commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge. We still have to fill in some blank spots. The members started the prepartions for the event for 13, 14 and 15 December 2019. Several armored vehicles, including tanks, will be present. The reenactors will return with new ambitions and the Salle de Grandmenil will be used again as a Militaria exhibition.
In addition to this, three female singers who came directly from Arizona (USA), the “Manhattan Dolls” will come, for the first time in Belgium, to present songs of the time and will plunge us into an unforgettable weekend. Do not forget that you are all welcome and the entrance is completely free throughout the weekend, whether for camps, shows and dances.
Do not miss this years 75th Anniversary event!! And we can already tell you that other surprises will also be on the program to impress you !!!
Many thanks to:
– Jean Pierre Pirens
– Michael Beaufort
Michiel Peeters
– Yves Zajfen
for their pictures!

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