We are the non-profit organization “Ardennes History Remember”.
“Remember the History of the Ardennes – 44/45”
But who are we and what are our activities?
We are simply a group of friends, passionate about history. Most of us have military vehicles from the period, others are collectors or authors of works on the Battle of the Ardennes.
This new non-profit organization was just born in November 2016 in MANHAY. Our members are from completely different regions. They come of course from Manhay, but also from Rendeux, Erezée, Vielsalm, the Liège region, Brussels, Flanders and even France. We had already had the idea of forming a non-profit organization for several months, but history caught up with us when a vehicle collector asked us to organize an event in Manhay during the December 2016 festivities. And we responded to the call and here we are on the way to new adventures!
And for our logo, what could we find more symbolic than a large open book on the history of the Ardennes in 44/45 with a vehicle which, emerging from a page of the book, takes to the road so that our young people and future generations remember our region sometimes forgotten in history books. When our elders and witnesses of the war have disappeared, only history enthusiasts, reenactment groups and vehicle collectors will remain to preserve the duty of memory. This is the primary goal of our non-profit organization. “Remember”!
We have many plans for the future:
Continue the gathering of military vehicles from the Second World War in Manhay and neighboring towns. This will be renewed each year around mid-December during the festivities of the unmissable Bastogne. Not in competition but we hope, in symphony with this city.
We will continue to organize the Manhay Memorial March, the event of which will take place towards the end of September with the collaboration of the Manhay Cultural Committee.
Vehicle ride with American families or history buffs. This can be carried out throughout the Ardennes, in close collaboration with the Ardennes White Star non-profit organization located in the town of Bertogne. A sister non-profit organization of which several of us are already members!
We will also be present at many reenactment camps organized by other groups with the same objective as ours. Already knowing that we won’t be able to be everywhere!
And many other projects for the future: Restoration of vehicles, opening of a museum etc…, everyone in our group has projects that will make things happen on the northern front of the Ardennes, where the greatest number of units took part in the battle of December 1944 and January 1945.
We look forward to meeting you on the road or during our events!