Manhay ’44 2021

After a cancellation in 2020, it was important for us to carry out a large-scale event in 2021 and we were close to it when the pandemic, with its fourth wave, once again put a spoke in our wheels. Despite everything, we were able to organize our walks with ease. To do this, we had planned courses in the forest, which pleased a very large number of participants. A hundred vehicles were present and the snow was there, which gave nature all the charm of winter. The first route was a bit chaotic with a few breakdowns which quickly became apparent along the route, splitting the column into several parts. It is likely that some vehicles had not put their wheels in motion for many months… After an hour behind schedule and with patience, the column reformed to continue through various villages and above all a superb ride in the forest on this virgin snow of any passage. In the afternoon, having lost some participants, we made a new move for a second course on paths and roads unpublished so far; all were breathtaking. Sunday morning, again! and this time we were on the magnificent paths that surround the Chlorophylle de Dochamps park. Beautiful walks under the escort of law enforcement with authorization from the Nature and Forest Department. While the vehicles were on the way, about twenty Reenactors (Groups 505 PIR, Utah and Band of Brothers) remained on the ground at Grandmenil where they spent the weekend in complete self-sufficiency with flag raising each morning. Present at the ceremonies, they did so with charisma and a professionalism worthy of the soldiers of the time. In addition, the ceremony at the Grandmenil monument was enhanced by the presence of the Municipal Authorities. After the laying of flowers, the national anthems were interpreted by a musician in period uniform who played the tunes with his bagpipes, thus giving a completely different atmosphere to the usual ceremonies. Note that the vehicles had returned to Grandmenil to take part in the commemorations. A very simple weekend so as not to forget, memorable like the previous ones, with the feeling of duty accomplished in the best of circumstances. Thank you to all the participants and see you on December 9/10/11, 2022 hoping that the Covid will only be a bad memory.

Many thanks to: MJM, Rick Verslijpe, Seb Photography and Thorsten Korbela for the excellent pictures!