551st PIB Remembrance Walk january 2017

At request of our friends in Vielsalm, we were invited to participate in the first march, organized by the members of the C-47 Club, in the footsteps of the soldiers of the 551th Parachute Infantry Battalion, whose unit was decimated during the fighting of Rochelinval in January 7th 1945. Our job was to transport the participants from Rochelinval to the starting point, on the heights of Trois-Ponts / Basse-Bodeux.

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We were also present at various locations on the circuit with our group of vehicles consisting of a GMC, a Dodge and a Dodge Ambulance. It was a very beautiful day with a magnificent course of which some of our members took part. It was extra special that we had some rain and cold, which made the roads icy. We even had to stop every mile to scratch our windshields. It was a hectic day, filled with emotions as the ashes of an American 551stPIB veteran, Richard Field,  were dispersed on the former battlefield where he lost many brothers in arms.
A monument was also inaugurated as a tribute to these men. Several families of soldiers had come especially for this great day, not to mention the many participants in the march.
Superb circuit, superb organization, great day!