Ardennes History Remember

*** Bienvenue sur notre site web!  Welcome on our website Ardennes History Remember! ***

Evenement 2021: 10, 11, 12 december!

*** Thank you to all the participants ***
«Remember the history of the Ardennes – 44/45»

We are a bunch of friends, passionate about history. Most of us have military vehicles of the time, others are collectors or authors of works on the battle of the Ardennes.
This new organization has just been born in November 2016 in Manhay. Our members are completely different regions. They come from Manhay, but also from Rendeux, Erezée, Vielsalm, from the Liège region, from Brussels, from flanders and even from France. We already had the idea of ​​forming a non-profit organization for a few months, but history has caught up with us when a vehicle collector asked us to organize a gathering in Manhay during the festivities of December 2016. And so we did.
And here we are on the road for new adventures!

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